“Meditation is the greatest act of selfless service. It combines the head & heart. The goal and means are ONE.”

The purpose of yoga is self-realization. It is through the practice of Meditation that the True-self can be seen as the source and stillness within. All yoga poses are practice for the sole purpose of allowing us to sit comfortably in Meditation and thus go within to realize a deep peace within the heart and mind.

There are many ways of meditating.

I personally like to utilize Active Meditation. It uses the mind in a directed way to stay centered so that the experience of peace can be realized within the non-fluctuating mind.

Its counter opposite, Passive  Meditation, is more challenging as it involves the complete and total unconditional surrender to the present moment and a firm connection to the experience of presence. Meditation simply means any practice that creates stilling of the mind… for this is a doorway to transcendental consciousness. … Transcendental consciousness implies the state of being where you no longer identify with that which isn’t you. You no longer identify yourself as your Body, or your Mind, or your job, or the roles you play. You have transcended the false identifications and instead reside in the ocean of bliss that is beyond mind, beyond time and space, and beyond death.

” What you Think, You Become”Patanjali says. We take the form of our thoughts so it is wise to be vigilant and directing over your thoughts.

There’s a lot more than simple sensory input that goes into building our perception of the visual world we live within. Given that we see the world through two small, flat retinae at the backs of our eyes, it seems remarkable that what each of us perceives is a seamless, three-dimensional visual world. The retinae respond to various WAVELENGTHS of LIGHT from the world around us. But that’s just the first part of the process. Our brains have to do a lot of work with all that raw data that comes in – stitching it all together, choosing what to concentrate on and what to ignore. It’s the brain that constructs our visual world. As Mahatma Gandhi ones said ” Carefully watch your *THOUGHTS, for they become your words. Manage and watch your word, for they will become your actions. Consider and Judge your actions, for they have become your Habits. Acknowledge  and watch your habits, for they shall become your Values. Understand and embrace your Values, for they become your *DESTINY.” Meditation teaches us to focusing on how humans construct the visual world by selecting what visual information to pay attention to – and using visual memory to retain it over short periods of time.


I believe and like to practice the power of visualization; the power to be able to manifest. Awareness is the key and creates the potential for the dissolution of the hold your thought patterns have over you. As a yoga teacher, it is critical to bring meditation into my every practice and disseminate it to my students in class.  Usually, it is placed best at the end of my practice or end of class when I/Student’s bodies are not tight and stiff and we can sit comfortably. It is nice to keep people in meditation longer than they would have stayed on their own. People appreciate the opportunity to sit still… something they rarely do. This is the purpose of Asana practice, to make it easier to remain still without having a body communicate discomfort during meditation. With a little consistency and a lot of surrender and compassion for Our-self / yourself, MEDITATION TIME BECOMES THE GREATEST JOY OF ALL.

Sutra 1.2, “Yoga is the act of stilling the quality of mind that moves from one thing to another.”

Five powerful actions that help you discover the inner strength that leads to liberating mind transformation. It is the key that unlocks the power within each of us to do great things. In other words, it is the secret to transcend throughout our spiritual and physical path  …

  1. Think Positive Thoughts

It all begins with your thoughts. Your mind is your superpower. You become what you think and your life flows in the direction of your thoughts. Positive thoughts lead to positive results.

  1. Speak About Your Dreams

Your thoughts become your words. Dreams take shape in your mind, but they come to life in your words. Visualize what you want and then share it with everyone in great detail, using positive, powerful words.

  1. Act on Your Words

Now it is time to act. Your actions flow from your words so it’s inevitable. Use the power of words to power your actions. Make a commitment to act on what you think and what you speak.

  1. Create Effective Habits

Actions completed daily become meaningful habits. Consistency in completing your actions is more important than the perceived weight of that action. Simple daily choices will become your effective habits.

  1. Live Your Lifestyle

Effective habits create a lifestyle of achievement and success. To live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about, you must do more than dream about it. Forming habits in important areas is the key.


Ultimately every moment of our life can be an expression of MEDITATION. As I mentioned in class, the yoga practice begins when you leave the yoga room. It is in the real world that the Yoga is expressed. Same way, Meditation can be and ideally is the baseline state in daily life. It is a complete awareness of every THOUGHT throughout the day in a light and humorous way. It is very important that THE SPIRITUAL PATH have a sense of humor. In other words, the movements of my MIND inform throughout meditation that.. It’s not always right to be perfect. Sometimes you have to make decisions based on what it is best for our self / someone else or base on the *FUTURE. Being perfect is actually impossible, like in nature, things are random and imperfect. It’s actually in imperfection and flexibility, that Tru perfection exists.