Yoga Sequence

Gentle warm flow. If you’ve ever gone to a yoga class you may have noticed that the poses are presented in a particular order. This order is called a “yoga sequence” and refers to the structure and flow of a yoga class. Sequencing a well-rounded class is an art.

The order, complexity, and variety of poses will differ between yoga traditions and instructors. A Prenatal class will be clearly distinct from a Vinyasa class, which in turn will be unlike a Kid’s yoga class. Yet each of those sequences has been designed for particular benefits, according to that style of yoga.

Keeping in mind that there is no singular, fixed sequence or style of sequencing, the components of a yoga practice typically include:

Warm up
Standing poses
Peak pose(s)
Floor poses
Cool down
Final relaxation, or Savasana

Most classes will include some combination of standing and seated poses, and appropriate levels of twists, inversions, backbends, forward bends, and strength-building moves. All of these poses will stretch your body and relax your mind, so it doesn’t matter what style of yoga you decide to practice — you’ll still be practicing yoga and gaining all of the benefits!

Kid’s yoga can start when mommies have their bundle of joy in their belly, all the way up to when kids are strong enough to do a push-up.