Diet and nutrition have a profound effect on the outcome of your practice. Mindful eating practices, combined with appropriate breathing and warm up techniques will have a significant increase in the positive outcomes for your yoga practice.

Nutrition is “The Body” part of the Mind-Body Connection

Lifestyle habits determine the difference between a weak and a compromised immune system. While we always recommend taking the advice of your doctor or physician, we at Luv Flow believe that a holistic lifestyle is restorative to good health. Lifestyle habits can include how much sleep you get, how many hours of rest you recieve per night, the food you consume, the Vitamin D you get from the sun, and the laughter you get from friends.

Below are some resources for anyone wishing to enrich their routine through mindfulness and organic living.

Table of Energizing and Healing Chemicals and Minerals


Some Tips for Yogi Pros

Do Moolabhandha 12 times before you eat.

Do Vajrasana 5 to 10 minutes after you eat.